If you’re someone who hangs out on Instagram, here’s a good hashtag to get around: #DiversifyYourFeed.

That’s one of the beauties of social media, I reckon — it offers a way to step beyond your own echo chamber of peeps who look and live and sound the same as you, and instead start to tune into myriad other perspectives, ways of thinking, challenges and solutions.

We can hear directly from folks all over the world, within their own contexts, and without the filters that might come from movies, traditional media and even people around us with opinions that perhaps aren’t grounded in lived experience.

And then the thing is to LISTEN. Closely. Openly. With your whole heart and mind.

So, how’s your feed looking? Is it a bit same-same, with loads of peeps in a similar boat to you? Might be time to branch out?

Here’s some people and organisations I’ve been *loving* hearing from lately — lots in the local food, permaculture and climate justice space, as that’s my particular interest:

South Australia



But far out, that’s only the very tiny tip of an excellent iceberg. Hook me up with the Insta handles of more folks I should know about, pls. Or good hashtags to follow? I’d love your suggestions.