Hello, I'm Koren.

I’m an Aussie storyteller, communications consultant & digital marketer.

I believe slow, sustainable and local actions are key to changing our world for the better. I absolutely adore working with businesses and non-profits actively championing this ethos.

In return, I offer a bunch of top-notch skills and strategies honed during years writing for national magazines and newspapers, and leading comms for major charities and businesses (I currently head up marketing at Milkwood).

In my spare time, I’m teaching myself biodynamics and permaculture in the backyard of my Adelaide rental. You can follow that little adventure over on Instagram, if you like.

Interested in working with me?

Awesome! I can help you out with all sorts, from streamlining your comms and fixing up your website to tracking sales via Google Analytics and setting up brilliant marketing automations. I’m particularly interested in hearing from you if you’re in the sustainable, waste-free or local food space.


Things I love.


Learning to tread ever more lightly on our planet – and inspiring others to do the same.


Helping kind-hearted people doing good thrive by getting their message out to the world.


Growing organic food and infusing permie principals into every area of life.


Thrifting, swapping, foraging, skill sharing – anything that steps beyond the monetary economy.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve integrity, stability and beauty.”

— Aldo Leopold, A Sand Country

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