The Local Yum

A little experiment in honesty, community and local food — by me (Koren) and my partner Carmelo. Stop by our tiny Tarntanya / Adelaide honesty stall for organic homegrown veggies and fruit, plus seeds, olives, chutneys and other yum stuff.

The Local Yum honesty stall in Adelaide

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Other goodies available

Email us at if you’d like to grab anything below. One day we might get around to creating an online store…

Healing calendula salve

Healing calendula salve

Homemade using calendula flowers grown in our backyard, solar-infused in organic olive oil for at least a month, then mixed together with biodynamic beeswax and a couple drops of lavender essential oil. Brilliant as a face moisturiser, hand cream or lip balm. Healing for dry, chapped and eczema-prone skin.

Small (25ml), $15 • Medium (60ml), $25 • Large (95ml), $35
Or learn how to make your own here!

Kombucha starter kits

Kombucha starter kits

Want to make your own kombucha? We can hook you up with everything you need to get started. Our kits include 2 SCOBY, 200ml starter liquid and detailed brewing instructions, based on how our own tried-and-true process for booch-making, perfected here in our own home.

Each kit • $5

Vintage fabric shoulder tote

Vintage fabric shoulder totes

Totes great tote, if we do say so ourselves. Handmade from beautiful vintage fabric sourced from local op shops. Approximate size (each is slightly different, depending on material): 40cm by 35cm. With handles long enough to sling over your shoulder. Perfect for farmers’ market shopping or scooting about town.

See our Instagram for available designs • $30