Some other things that take my fancy.

+ Instagram vignettes

Where I let my passion for sustainable living fly free. The intent? To document little lessons as as they appear and, hopefully, inspire a few folks to follow suit.

All photos are mine – precious few bikini shots or food porn feature.

SA Urban Food Network

This emerging non-profit aims to rebuild a flourishing local food network in South Australia, for the health of our land and communities.

If you eat food (which you do, right?), this group is for you.

+ RSPCA South Australia

RSPCA is SA’s oldest and leading animal welfare charity. I’m lucky to work there as Communications and Fundraising Manager, using my words and photos to help animals in desperate need.

Sometimes I get to make videos, too!

People Are Strange

+ People Are Strange

An online art project I co-created with my illustrator friend, Isa Sodric. We told stories of the incredibly strange things real people find really scary.

(In English and Spanish.)

El Pianista Mínimo

A music video I directed and shot for my very talented pianist friend, Carlos Izquierdo, and his very awesome El Pianista Mínimo project.

She Makes Magic

She Makes Magic

blog and podcast I co-created with my sister, Alana.

We talked to women who had forged their own unique path in business and life, women who’d left behind lives that don’t quite fit right to bravely follow their hearts and passions.

Vintage shoulder totes

+ Vintage shoulder totes

I occasionally raid my nana’s impressively enormous and delightfully colourful vintage fabric stash and sew up a few shoulder totes. Sometimes I sell them, too.