Pick and cure your own foraged olives, the traditional Sicilian way

Olives grow abundantly in many cities, yet often go unpicked. Here's how to forage a free harvest, then cure your own delicious jars of Italian-style olives.

Foraged sour plum shrub syrup + an upside-down plum cake

Sour plums ripen on street trees across Adelaide in early summer. Many folk dismiss these trees as purely ornamental, but the fruit can be yum! Here's two ways to use one batch of foraged sour plums.

2020-12-10T17:28:29+10:30December 10th, 2020|fermenting + preserving, recipes, wild + foraged food|0 Comments

How to make kombucha at home: delicious, bubbly and great for your gut

Kombucha is insanely easy to make at home. And the process of keeping a culture alive + turning it into a healthy bevvy with just tea, time and a little sugar is something close to magic.

2021-05-14T16:22:49+09:30September 13th, 2020|fermenting + preserving, food, recipes, wild + foraged food|0 Comments