Koren Helbig with her compost bin.

The days are cooling, nights are turning crisp, and my veggie garden is calling for one last burst of activity before winter sets in.

Autumn is my favourite season in the garden; my job list feels manageable and mild weather beckons me outside.

So, here are my favourite five autumn garden jobs to prioritise as the days grow cooler, to help ensure your permaculture patch continues pumping out food over winter.

I’m completing these jobs in my backyard permaculture patch, within the temperate climate zone of Tarntanya/Adelaide. But they’re suitable for most Australian climates in cooler seasons.

  1. Remove summer crops.
  2. Make your own compost.
  3. Top up veggie beds with compost.
  4. Protect seedlings with DIY mini greenhouses.
  5. Start winter and spring seedlings indoors.

For more information, including details on how to approach these jobs with a no-dig, permaculture mindset, head over to the full story I wrote for ABC Everyday.

This story is part of a regular gardening column I write for ABC Everyday, the lifestyle website of Australia’s national broadcaster. You can find my full story archive here.