Published On: May 29th, 2021
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Koren fertilising her organic garden

For about two years I produced sad little vegetables from my backyard patch.

Finally dawned on me — the importance of fertiliser. Because turns out, compost alone won’t make for lush produce.

In this story I wrote for ABC Everyday, I cover everything you need to know about fertilising your veggie patch to produce pumping produce, including:

  • Why feeding your soil is so important as a home gardener.
  • A simple free organic fertiliser you can make at home, using weeds!
  • Manures as fertilisers, and which types are best for veggies.
  • How and when to add organic fertiliser to your patch.

Feeding the soil is your number one job as a veggie gardener. Get that right and your plants will grow big and strong, be more pest-resistant, and provide more nutrition for you too.

So we feed the soil to feed our plants — and annual vegetable plants are particularly hungry fellows.

Here’s how to do it.

This story is part of a regular gardening column I write for ABC Everyday, the lifestyle website of Australia’s national broadcaster. You can read find my full story archive here.

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