Project Description

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Easy Horse Care is a non-profit rescue centre saving neglected and abused horses, ponies and donkeys across the Alicante region of Spain.

In my role as volunteer media manager, I am responsible for:

  • Writing regular press releases for local, national and international English and Spanish media.
  • Arranging media interviews with centre co-founder Sue Weeding.
  • Coordinating bimonthly newsletters (sent via Mailchimp).
  • Updating the centre’s website (built on Joomla) and social media (especially Facebook).
  • Running major fundraising campaigns.
  • Promoting monthly open days, events and fundraisers.
  • Liaising with key stakeholders.
  • Taking promotional photographs.
  • Designing and marketing merchandise and products.
  • Coordinating a small volunteer press team, including a photographer, videographer, translator, media officer and graphic designer.

I work in both English and Spanish.

“As we receive no government funding and must find a minimum of €4000 every week to care for our 97 horses, ponies and donkeys, getting out there to a wide audience is vital for our survival.

“In the past many people promised to help us, but no one really got it right. Then we met Koren.

“She has completely turned everything around for us. She redesigned our website in a way that better reflects us, while making sure this was exactly what we wanted. She organises our Facebook page and press releases and also does a newsletter.

“She has created a hugely professional media machine for us. This girl rocks in our view. She is simply the best.”