Need a hand with your marketing?

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I help nice people (like you) communicate to make a positive difference.

We’re likely a good fit if you’re leading a kind-hearted business with an ethical outlook, especially in permaculture, sustainability or local food.

Your work is important. Therefore, telling folks about what you do — aka: ‘marketing’ — is important too. But if you’re feeling lost, stressed, ingenuine or like you’re wasting time on the wrong things, allow me to help.

My absolute favourite type of work is creating clever marketing strategies that almost anyone can follow, and deep-diving into digital clean-ups to get all your platforms humming. (Yep, neat freak over here.)

What I don’t do is offer the usual cookie-cutter approach, which too often requires a stressful and ingenuine slog.

Instead, I draw on my 15+ years of marketing experience and the many, many skills and strategies I’ve learned, to create something calm, achievable and just right for you — wherever you’re at right now.

Koren went over and above to ensure a professional and strategic approach to all of our communication channels.

Christy SpierChristy Spier, Department for Environment & Water

We’re indebted to Koren and the ease at which she’s helped Wagtail fine-tune our online presence.

Wagtail Urban Farm's Steven HoepfnerSteven Hoepfner, Wagtail Urban Farm
“Working with Koren is effortless. Even though she’s a freelancer, we very much feel like she’s part of our team.”
Michael Ofei, Fairlings
“Koren has completely turned everything around for us. This girl rocks in our view. She is simply the best.”
Sue WeedingSue Weeding, Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre
“I can trust Koren fully. She makes all copy and web-related communications so easy and everything is always spot on.”
Taiita ChampnissTaiita Champniss, Ten Miles East
“Koren has a rare gift in her ability to translate the essence of people into words. We are so grateful.”
Candice HelbigCandice Helbig, CRFT Wines

“Koren is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is super-efficient and nailed our expectations and more, first time round.”

Christina CavacoChristina Cavaco, Cork Leaf

Here’s a few brands I’ve worked with…

I can definitely help you if:

  • You know you’re creating awesome things but you’re having trouble communicating that to the world.
  • Spelling and grammar aren’t your strong points. You worry awkward phrasing, passive sentences and poor paragraph structure are diluting your awesomeness.
  • The idea of writing about yourself makes you cringe. You understand the importance of your story, well told. But you wish you could hand it over to a pro.

  • You’re just not digital savvy. You know a strong online presence is crucial but need someone to do the groundwork for you (read: create a bunch of easy-to-use templates).

  • You’re sick of guessing. You want a results-driven comms strategy that clearly outlines what you should do when, and how to analyse success.

  • Your website is outdated, half finished or otherwise craptastic. (I’m best with WordPress and Squarespace, but know Joomla, too.)

  • You need help creating newsletters, eDMs and mailing list opt-ins, especially on Mailchimp or Pardot.

  • You want full visibility on what’s driving sales and donations – and strategies to fix what’s not working. (Hint: Google Analytics is your friend, my friend.)

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself, your business and a spiffy new communications strategy.

Take a gander at some past client work

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If this is feels like a “heck yeah” to you, hit the button below and fill out my fancy-pants ‘new client questionnaire’. I’ll be in touch soon after to set up a time to chat together.