French king cake or “galette des rois”

A few weeks back we were treated to the most excellent sweet homemade pie baked up for Christmas to warm our tummies during our first-ever winter in Europe … yeah, that’s pretty dang good. But it gets better. You see, we were couch surfing in beautiful Lyon with possibly the city’s three nicest residents, Raphaël and [...]

2014-01-06T19:14:22+10:30January 6th, 2014|koren, travel, vegan recipes|Comments Off on French king cake or “galette des rois”

Canarian baby potatoes with mojo sauce

Do you know much about the Canary Islands, the volcanic archipelago off the west African coast but oddly belonging to Spain? I certainly knew very little about this collection of seven little isles up until about two weeks ago. But when a long-awaited trip to Egypt planned by my mother and I was abruptly cancelled [...]

2013-08-14T06:43:45+09:30August 14th, 2013|koren, travel, vegan recipes|2 Comments

Letters from a couch surfer // part two: Slovakian vegetarian goulash recipe

I arrived after dark, clutching a small box of homemade Polish cakes sent with me from Kraków but somewhat crushed (sorry, Aga!) during the seven-hour train journey to Žilina in northern Slovakia. Katarina met me at the station and we took a hair-raising car ride through slippery streets to her home, the Madman grinning maniacally from [...]

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