A permaculture kitchen bench scene, showing sourdough, pickles, homegrown figs and veggies, and coffee bubbling on the stovetop. It's the home office of someone who applies permaculture in business.

Gardening is just one way of doing permaculture — you know that, right?

You can actually use the permaculture design system as a framework for sustainable living across all areas of your life, including your business or career.

Pondering this recently, I realised my digital marketing strategy work for clients has brought me into contact with a bunch of good folk weaving permaculture into careers of all types, including many businesses beyond the traditional gardening and farming space.

They’re nurses, business mentors, digital marketers, finance coaches, filmmakers, artists and more.

All are guided by sustainable, ecological design principles aimed at creating resilient and regenerative business models that prioritise environmental health, social equity and economic viability.

I find this hugely inspiring and I thought you might too. So I put together a list of inspiring and diverse examples of permaculture in business.

22 business owners using permaculture in careers of all persuasions, beyond the gardening and farming space

The list below links you through to each person’s Instagram account. From there, you will be able to find their websites and more.

Permaculture businesses consider the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit

If we’re going to get better at living sustainably on this planet, we need change at all levels — business included. Quit leaving your values at the door when you go to work, people!

I also love supporting these kinds of businesses because I know they share the same values as me.

They care about the triple bottom line — being financially stable, obviously, but also their social and environmental impact too.

Bloody legends.

So, who have I missed off this list?

Are you or someone you know infusing your work life or biz with permaculture? Drop their Insta handle or other deets in the comments below, so we can all connect and learn from one another.

(And thanks to everyone who commented on my original Instagram post about this, adding such excellent suggestions and helping me grow the list from 10 people to 22.)

PS: Here are a few more permaculture in business resources you might like to explore.

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