You can tell when someone really loves what they do, right?

They have this wicked energy about them, a brand of passion and purpose that’s totally infectious.

It’s especially powerful when they’re change-makers doing good in the world. These types of people are radically inspiring because they make crazy dreams seem entirely possible.

That’s why I interview and write stories about passionate people doing good, and that’s why they’re behind the businesses I work with.

They make my job easy, really. So catching is their spirited enthusiasm that I reckon it can’t help but flow through my words and into the lives of readers.

And you know the funny thing? That makes me really love what I do, too.


I’m an Australian freelance journalist based in boisterous, disorganised, vivacious Spain.

My work regularly appears in magazines and publications worldwide, including frankie, Peppermint, Smith Journal, The Guardian Australia, QWeekend, SBS Food, New Internationalist, Narratively, El País, The Lifted Brow, Junkee, The Adelaide Review, The Courier-Mail and GlobalPost.

A more exhaustive list is cobbled together over here.

Oh, and I write and edit for businesses, too. More about that here.




I’ve got some nifty skills.

I’m professional. I’ve been a journalist for 10 years so I get the editorial process. I don’t stop working until everyone’s happy.

I file clean copy. I turn in crisp stories free of grammar and spelling errors. I probably have my Journalism and Literature degrees to thank for that.

I’m punctual. I’ve never missed a deadline.

I take my own photographs. And if I can’t shoot something suitable, I find quality, high-resolution, properly captioned alternatives.

I’m versatile. I can write to suit almost any style and tone. Except for sports stuff. I don’t really know anything about sport and don’t care to learn, thanks.


Alicante's beautiful mountains


I can help you, if you want.

If you’re a cool person doing interesting stuff that deserves a story, or you have a cool business and need a hand perfecting your message and content, drop me an email.

This is the stuff I’m particularly good at:

  • Hard news journalism, shorts and long-form non-fiction features.
  • Opinion pieces, rants and essays.
  • Blogging, guest posts and ghost posts.
  • Press releases.
  • Web content, copywriting and copy editing.
  • Photography, including stock images for websites and blogs.


For more on my writing background (and how the heck I ended up in Spain) head over here. Samples of my published work are available at my writing portfolio.